Week of Manifestation – Day 7


Time….Is It On Your Side?

The number one complaint I hear from clients all the time is that “I never have enough time to get everything done.”

There is a deep fallacy in that statement; there really IS enough time in getting everything done that your heart desires. The key is managing and maximizing your time. As humans we waste more precious time than we have at our disposal and then complain that we don’t have enough.

I have a mantra that I live by and it is simply…“Kill your baby monsters.”

Sounds strange doesn’t it?

Look at it this way…Godzilla hatched from an egg and if someone had slayed him right then (when he was a baby) then he would have never grown to epic proportions and destroyed cities.

((S/N: I personally love Godzilla and think that he helped humans tremendously but he was the only thing that worked for this analogy…LOL))

Your problems, obstacles, dead-ends and ruts are just the same as Godzilla! If left unchecked they will grow to monstrous heights and completely overtake (destroy) your life/light. SLAY THEM NOW WHILE THEY ARE STILL SMALL!!!!

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Week of Manifestation – Day 6


The Mirror Has Two Faces

Do you remember when you parents would tell you that in order to be successful that you must first “put your best face forward”?

Sounds good right…but what the hell does that mean?

Is your best face your fake face or is your best face your true face?

When we step out into the world we tend to grin our way through most situations but the problem with that is the smile oftentimes hides the pain we are feeling. Far too often we tell ourselves a string of lies just to get through the day but nine times out of ten we begin to believe the lies we tell and that’s when it all falls apart.

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

What do you tell yourself about yourself each day?

Is it true?

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Week of Manifestation – Day 4


Labels vs. The Truth

Let’s be honest, majority of us walking this big rock called Earth have an over-exaggerated sense of being that we oftentimes label as confidence but is it really that simple.

Most people know who they are and are secure in that knowledge but there are many of us who really have no clue who we are at the core of our being. Humans are so quick to slap a label on something in an attempt to classify it and that’s great if we were all boxes or books on a shelf. Since we are not books or boxes labels really do us no justice.

Think about this for a moment; the labels that we apply to ourselves do more than just simply “tell” another person how we view ourselves. They eventually become the personification of who we really develop into.

How does this happen you might ask…

….The answer is rather simple. Your thoughts govern EVERYTHING in your world whether you know it or not and how you label yourself in your mind is exactly how you present to the universe.

Remember this….

Your thoughts will become your actions

Your actions will become your behaviors

Your behaviors will become your way of life.

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Week of Manifestation – Day 3


Embracing Your Own Uniqueness

Embracing Your Own Uniqueness

Far too often we find ourselves questioning the universe as to why we aren’t in our sweet spot or haven’t we achieved the pinnacles of success that we have envisioned for ourselves and yet we fail to look at our own role in the grand scheme of things.

Why question the universe when the answers you seek are held by the person you look at in the mirror each day.? That’s right my friend, you are the keeper of your destiny and the manner in which you view yourself will greatly influence the outcome/quality of your life.

Here’s the thing, we have been taught and conditioned to think and act in a very uniform matter. From the moment we are born we are being molded into beings that will follow the status quo and not make waves. We are taught very early on to not question authority, follow the rules authority and to believe what we are taught but I have some news for you….

…That old way of thinking is what has you in your own personal rut. The truth of the matter is that we are all very different and very unique creatures prone to flights of fancy. We were designed to be different from one another so why fight that?





Everyone has their own life to live and what has worked for someone else may or may not work for you. We fail at achieving most of our goals because we are trying to follow the path blazed by someone else instead of creating our own.

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Week of Manifestation – Day 2


Something In The Past

Far too often we categorize our past into one of two things – really GOOD or really BAD. We never say it was in-between, mediocre or just basic; why is that? I personally believe that we have been groomed by societal constraints to always think and operate in extremes. Let’s explore why this is…

When you reflect on you past, present and future do these thoughts find their way in?

“Nothing is (was) ever good enough.”

“No one has (had) it worse than me.”

“I’m always the bigger person.”

Sound familiar?

The list goes on and on but we’ll let those sentiments go right here.

You read that right…LET THEM GO!

<Take a deep breath and exhale slowly>

In order to move forward and manifest the best version of you possible; you must be willing to step aside and get out of your own way!

What do I mean by that?

To put it simply, you must get out of your own head. Stop second guessing yourself. Stop beating yourself up for past indiscretions in your life. For once (finally) forgive yourself and devise a plan of action not to repeat those behaviors, actions and/or thoughts.

The truth of the matter is that for as much as we toot our own horn and commend ourselves we also belittle and beat up ourselves over the most trivial of things. The only way to combat this syndrome (that I’ve decided to name Negative Reflectionism) is to be able to stand in your truth, embrace the very essence of you and who you are and deal with it! Change what you can and work with and/or adapt to the rest.

Trying to live/cope with past regrets, current indecision and future worry without complete self-awareness/acceptance will have your life running in a circle like a hamster on a wheel.

Two simple phrases will give you the strength and courage to cure yourself of Negative Reflectionism and those two phrases are I AM and I WILL.

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Week of Manifestation – Day 1


The Incorporation of Self

Have you ever sat back and marveled at how some businesses thrive and grow consistently while others seem to disappear into complete obscurity?

The answer is quite simple and may surprise you…the ones that thrive LOVE what they SELL and the people involved within the business LOVE what they DO.

It really is that simple.

We need to treat ourselves (and our mindsets) as if they were multi-million dollar businesses. We need to start showing up for ourselves instead of for everyone else. We need to empower ourselves to find and utilize the tools that will makes us successful in all aspects of our lives. We need to get off the sideline of life and start making some power moves to get us to our BEST LIFE!

Give yourself permission to say NO

Give yourself permission to make mistakes

Give yourself permission to be imperfect

and most of all….

Give yourself permission to love YOURSELF completely!!!

Let’s journey together….

See you tonight at 5PM CST (sharp)!


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Week of Manifestation is Coming

Hey you….yes, you….we all say we want to put our best foot forward, get the furthest in life and tap into out full potential but what are YOU doing to get there?

How are you showing up and showing out in your life?

Join me for a week long enlightenment/enrichment session designed to help you tap into the tools needed to manifest the best you.

June 1st – June 8th at 7PM CST


Let’s tap into the abundance of the universe and manifest together.

Before we get started, ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you ready to approach this challenge with an OPEN MIND?
2. Are you ready to manifest the BEST version of you?
3. Are you ready to LET GO of fear, regret and indecision?
4. Are you ready to indulge in some real SELF-CARE?
5. Are you willing to be an active PARTICIPANT in your own life?
If your answer is yes, please join me on this journey to manifesting the best you!!!
be the best version of you